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  • Tonfisk Design Scandinavian design SHADOW water carafe with wooden coaster
    New Autumn 2013 - SHADOW Water Carafe
  • MURSKA Scandinavian design mortar & pestle set in porcelain and wood with wooden mortar and ergnomic pestle
    New Autumn 2013 - MURSKA² Mortar & Pestle set
  • New Finnish Design WARM Tea Set & Coffee set by Tonfisk Design in Oak
    New Spring 2014 - Tonfisk Relauches the WARM tea & coffee series in Oak finish
    WARM Tea & Coffee se

Original design from Finland

Tonfisk Design is a Finnish Design company. Established to produce objects which are not mere variations Tonfisk has being producing its brand of Scandinavian Design since 1999. Our product range includes original gift and tableware items in a clean Nordic style. In 2012 we renewed our production so we can introduce our Finnish Design to more people across the world and we are aiming to introduce new gift and tableware designs reguarly.