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Turku Design Now!

Turku Design Now! is a group of rougly 10 Finnish design companies from Turku Finland who cooperate together to organise sales events, fairs and other marketing and sales events. The concept is simple, through cooperation we collectively offer a more interesting collection to consumers than would be possible for each company on its own and costs are reduced. The group formed in 2008 and since then has organised several sales and fair events. In 2010 the group is trying a new export concept with Tonfisk Design acting as an export channel through which products of the different companies can be collected in a single order. If you are a foreign retailer and are interested in the products of a number of the companies then please contact Tonfisk Design at info@tonfisk-design.fi

The companies who are part of Turku Design Now! are listed below and more information can be found at www.turkudesignnow.fi

Klo Design (www.klodesign.fi)
Dani Aavinen is the main driving force behind Klo Design. Klo Design produces products in several areas including home textiles, pillow cases, window blinds, bags, purses and furniture, includeing dining tables and chairs.

Woodoo Design (www.woodoodesign.fi)
Woodoo Design makes furniture and smaller objects such a candleholders and serving trays. Woodoo's furniture includes dining tables, chairs, side tables, coffee tables, sofa tables and wall lamps.

Kipikude (www.kipikude.fi)
Kipikude is the creation of sisters Sanna Suomela and Marjo Kiviniemi. Kipikudes produces textiles with a young street feel and fun colorful graphics. Products include interior decoration items such as pillow cases and bed clothes, as well as dish towels and cooking aprons. They also have a line of street wear.

Kui Design (www.kuidesign.com)
Anna Hormio and Rebekka ketola are the two girls behind Kui. Kui's products have already become well known for their Turku theme and their children's felt booties can be found on the feet of babies all over Finland. Other products in the collection included small purses and bags, dish towels, pillow cases as wall as clothes items such as t-shirts and skirts.

Kotona Design (www.kotonadesign.fi)
Kotona Design is run by the bubbly queen of everything Ms Mia Battliana. Kotona Design products magnetic notice boards on which you can also write with chalk.

Woodloop (www.woodloop.fi)
Tero Pelto-Uotila is the man behind Woodloop. Woodloop makes products of wood using a patented process to create a special surface in the wood. The products include wall rugs and body care products.

Innollinen (www.innollinen.fi)
Miia Liesegang is behind the Innollinen design office. Among other project Innollinen also produces a jewellary range.