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WARM Tea Set - Gift Box, black, walnut, 2012

WARM is a tea set in a new Finnish design. WARM tea set porcelain tea cups and teapot with bracelets of laminated wood. The serving tray gives the tea set a complete feel and provides a great element on which to display the tea cup and teapot. The whole tea set comes in a n excellent gift box. CLEANING ceramic parts in the dishwasher is possible. The wood can be cleaned by slipping it from the teacup or teapots and wiping with a damp sponge. The wood parts are extremely strong and treated with flax oil. Finnish Design at its best. *New 2012 Production quality
2 x 24cl cup, 60cl teapot, 40 x 20 cm tray
Porcelain, walnut sleaves and tray, stainless steel strainer
Black, walnut
139,90 €