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WARM Teapot / Coffee Pot 1.1L- black, walnut, 2012

THIS IS the bigger of the two WARM teapot and coffee pot. As the teapot is lifted and poured like a bottle the teapot is more comfortable to use than traditional "handled" teapots. Also no coasters are required as the modern design of teapot means its stands on the wood bracelet. The teapot doesn’t dribble when poured. Fits 4-6 cups. Comes equipped with self standng tea strainer / teaball. To use, twist the cap off, place in the tea leaves to be brewed. Replace the cap and hang with the hook from the lip of the opening. Perfect for tea enthusiasts and tea lovers who wish to brew the perfect cup of tea. A modern functional Finnish Scandinavian Nordic design classic. Buy the teapot now straight from Tonfisk Design! *New 2012 Production quality
Diameter 10cm, Height 28,5cm
Porcelain, walnut veneer sleave, stainless
Black, walnut
94,90 €