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Leaning Wooden Candleholder

The new DEGREES° candleholder by Finnish design brand Tonfisk Design sets itself apart from other candleholders as the candle stands at a few degrees. The basic shape of the candleholder is a cube with part, but not all, of the base cut away at an angle. This means the candle stands at a slight angle and give the cube the sense that it has sunk into the table, with one corner of it base standing free. The DEGREES° candleholder is made of solid wood finished with wood wax. The candle is held in a brass cup.

The unique design of the DEGREES° candleholder is by Tonfisk founder, Irish-Finnish designer Brian Keaney. DEGREES° continues Tonfisk’s 15 year history of introducing alternative but functional Nordic designs. The design originated from the desire to create a simple but arresting candleholder with an interesting spatial element.

The DEGREES° candleholder is being launched in one size of 9 x 9 x 9cm in solid walnut. Further sizes and wood options are planned for autumn 2014. It will be available initially only directly from Tonfisk Design at www.tonfisk-design.fi

Designed by

Brian Keaney in Turku, Finland, 2014
9 x 9 x 9 cm
solid walnut wood

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