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The new DEGREES° - leaning wooden candleholder by Finnish brand Tonfisk Design

By Brian Keaney, 07/10/2014 - 18:44
New Finnish Suomi Nordic Design Leaning candleholder in walnut wood by Tonfisk Design

Tonfisk Design Finland is proud to announce the launch of a new product the DEGREES° Candleholder at the Asuntomessut in Jyäskylä, Finland 11.7 – 10.8.2014

The new DEGREES° candleholder sets itself apart from other candleholders as the candle stands at a few degrees. The basic shape of the candleholder is a cube with part, but not all, of the base cut away at an angle. This means the candle stands at a slight angle and give the cube the sense that it has sunk into the table, with one corner of it base standing free. The DEGREES° candleholder is made of solid wood finished with wood wax. The candle is held in a brass cup.

The design of the DEGREES° candleholder is by Tonfisk founder, Irish-Finnish designer Brian Keaney. Keaney founded Tonfisk to produce objects which are not mere variations. DEGREES° continues Tonfisk Design's 15 year history of introducing alternative but functional Nordic designs. The design originated from the desire to create a simple but arresting candleholder with an interesting spatial element.

The DEGREES° candleholder is being launched in one size of 9 x 9 x 9cm in solid walnut. Further sizes and wood options are planned for autumn 2014. It will be available initially only directly from Scandinavian design brand Tonfisk Design at www.tonfisk-design.fi

More about DEGREES° candleholder at : www.tonfisk-design.fi/brands/Degrees

Chinese Magazine CHINA+CERAMIC+DESIGN features Scandinavian design brand Tonfisk Design Finland

By Brian Keaney, 07/04/2014 - 15:20
Scandinavian design brand Tonfisk Design Finland in China ceramics magazine summer 2014

This summer Tonfisk Design’s unique brand of Scandinavian design is being featured in a 6 page feature in the Chinese magazine CHINA+CERAMIC+DESIGN. If you wish to polish up on your Chinese you can read about our unique Nordic designs of tea cups and teapots, functional lemon squeezer, ergonomical Finnish designed mortar & pestle, quirky salt & pepper shakers, non-drip oli & vinegar bottles, new water and wine carafe design and milk & sugar set.

See more Scandinavain design at: www.tonfisk-design.fi

Tea Cups and Teapots by Tonfisk Design at Asuntomessut 2014 in Jyväskylä

By Brian Keaney, 07/01/2014 - 00:00
Tea cup and teapot by Scandinavian design brand Tonfisk Design at Asuntomessut

Tonfisk Design will be showing its WARM tea cup and teapots with ceramic and wood as well as other products at the Finnish Design event ‘Asuntomessut’ in Jyväskylä Finland from 11.7.14-10.8.14. The Asuntomessut is an Apartment and Housing Fair. Independent builders, construction companies and housing companies and private people converge to develop a housing district in a chosen city each year. This year it is in Jyväskylän, the home of many of Finnish architect Alvar Aalto’s commissions and the Alvar Aalto museum.

House and apartsments have been designed by such Finnish designers as: Marco Casagrande, Arkkitehtitoimisto JKMM Oy/ Juha Mäki-Jyllilä, Edgars Racins, Arkkitehtitoimisto LPV Jyväskylä/Ari Kautto, Erkki Eskelinen, Sisustusarkkitehtitoimisto Saukkonen+Partners, Arkkitehdit Ahlström Oy, Arkkitehtuuritoimisto Taso Oy, , Rakennus ja arkkitehtipalvelu Pertti Ahola Oy, Muurametalot, Honkatalot, Kontiotuote Oy, Adarte Design, Pohjolan Design-Talo Oy, Deko-Talo Oy, Arkkitehtitoimisto Antti Heikkilä Oy, Avario Oy, Petteri Piha, Kivitaloarkkitehdit / Sami Paasi, Arkkitehtitoimisto Skammi Oy, Sunnittelutoimisto Nyanssi Oy, Juhan Koivusalo/Wasa Plan Oy, Älvsbytalo Oy, Serum Arkkitehdit, Arkkitehtitsto Koponen&Ollikainen, Muurametalot Oy, Jarkko Könönen, Ainoakoti.

Finnish Interior Designers involved include: Milla Alftan, Mari Varonen, Johanna Salmine & Kati Vuorela, Anne Saarikoski & Riina Toikko, Taina Hiltunen, Leena Kalliola, Ilona Koponen, Anita Koponen, Kaija Ilmavirta, Satu Nevala, Virpi Illman, Sari Räsänen, Merimekko, Laura Taponen, Marja Koppila, Marika Kurki, Kati Flörchinger & Annina Iso-Ahola, Annukka Tolamo, Kirsi Valanti, Titta Ojanen, Heidi Risku, Kirsi Ylä-Ilomäki, Helena Karihtala, Ulla Sallisalmi, Teemu Saukkonen, Irina Tuovinen & Heidi Lehto, Maarit Hiltunen, Marjo Remes

Products on display include such Scandinavian design brands such as Marimekko (www.marimekko.fi) , Iittala (www.iittala.com) , Magisso (www.magisso.com) , Verso Design (www.versodesign.fi) , Tonfisk Design (www.tonfisk-design.fi), Everyday Design (www.everydaydesign.fi) , Majamoo (www.majamoo.fi) , By Lassen (www.bylanssen.dk), Muuto (www.muuto.com) , Secto (www.sectodesign.fi) , Artek (www.artek.fi) , Soften (www.soften.fi) , Finlayson (www.finlayson.fi) , Innolux (www.innolux.fi) , Gubi (www.gubi.com) , Kristina Riskka (www.kristinariska.com) , Kotona Design (www.kotonadesign.fi) , Tunto Design (www.tunto.com) , Doctor Design (www.doctordesign.fi) , Tapio Anttila, Innojok, BeDesign (www.bedesign.fi), Isku (www.isku.fi)

Other products on sale by Tonfisk include salt and pepper shakers, lemon squeezer, espresso cups, cappuccino cups, milk and sugar set, mortar and pestle, wooden candleholders, oil and vinegar bottles water carafe, wine carafe, and wooden serving trays, all in a Scandinavian design style.

More info on Asuntomessut at: http://www.asuntomessut.fi/jyvaskyla-2014

Innovative Newton Milk & Sugar set by Finnish brand Tonfisk Design reviewed on Copy Cat Recipes

By Brian Keaney, 06/30/2014 - 00:15
Finnish design Milk and Sugar set by Tonfisk Design on Copy Cat Recipes

Innovative Newton Milk & Sugar set by Finnish brand Tonfisk Design reviewed on Copy Cat Recipes

The cooking site www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com has a review on Tonfisk Design’s classic Finnish design milk & sugar set. ‘This milk and sugar set is the perfect gift for a bridal shower, wedding, or birthday. People will love the unique design and will have fun testing out the ergonomics of the set.’ writes the editor Arielle Matlin. Check out the site and participate in competition to win a free Newton milk and sugar set for yourself.

Read more on: http://www.allfreecopycatrecipes.com/Food-Product-Reviews/Newton-Milk-Su...
More on Newton at: http://shop.tonfisk-design.fi/products/brand/newton

Chicago Design magazine Design Bureau recommends WARM tea set by Nordic Design brand Tonfisk Design

By Brian Keaney, 06/24/2014 - 22:20
WARM tea set in Design Bureau Magazine design by Tonfisk Design Nordic Design brand

Tonfisk Design’s classic Nordic design WARM tea set has picked up another recommendation, this time from the well-respected DESIGN BUREAU magazine. Ravi Sathia, design intern has written ‘The walnut on this tea set is beautiful to look at, and the interactive design makes for an interesting talking piece when I have guests over.’ Other recommendations on the same page include Timo Sarpeneva's Scandinavian classic cast iron pot by Finnish design brand Iittala. Back Bag by another Suomi Design name Harri Koskinen for Savotta. Stool 60 by Finnish design legend Alvar Aalto for Artek. Model 4.3 speaker by Unmonday and Sääpäiväkirja plate by well known Nordic brand Marimekko.

See more on the WARM set at : http://shop.tonfisk-design.fi/products/brand/Warm

See more of Design Bureau at: http://www.wearedesignbureau.com/

Looking to enjoy Tonfisk’s WARM tea set in a Michelin star restaurant by the sea?

By Brian Keaney, 06/19/2014 - 16:25
Tonfisk Design WARM tea and coffee set Nordic Design at BIJ JEF Michelin start restauarant

Your wait is over. Tonfisk Design’s Nordic design classic the WARM tea & coffee set is now part of service at BIJ JEF. BIJ JEF is a Michelin start restaurant and design hotel (4 star no less) on island of Texel in Holland belonging to Jef and Nadine Schuur . Jef Schuur worked at starred restaurants in the Netherlands and abroad before deciding to make his dream come true at the age of 25 by setting up his own restaurant on the island where he grew up. Local products are an important part of his repertoire. His style has been described as No-nonsense and unique (sound like Tonfisk) . Always looking for harmonious contrasts in taste and texture. Sounds like the perfect match for Tonfisk’s unique brand of Nordic design

More on Tonfisk’s WARM tea & coffee set: http://shop.tonfisk-design.fi/products/brand/Warm

More on BIJ JEF : http://www.bijjef.nl/en-GB/25/home.html

Tonfisk Internet shop deliveries Suspended from 20.6-6.7.14

By Brian Keaney, 06/19/2014 - 11:59
Tonfisk Design's internet shop is unable to make deliveries between 20.6.- 6.7.14 as we are all away enjoying the Finnish summer. Any orders placed during that time will be completed after our return. Ours apologies for any inconvenience.

Tasmania welcomes Tea cups and teapots by Finnish design brand Tonfisk Design

By Brian Keaney, 06/12/2014 - 18:02
Tea cup and teapot by Finnish design brand Tonfisk Design at Grey and Felt in Tasmania

The WARM tea and coffee cups and teapots by Finnish brand Tonfisk Design are now available in Tasmania at the shop Grey and Felt. Deb noye the owner has been a fan of Tonfisk for many years and now finally we have been able to welcome her as our newest retailer. Available at Grey and Felt are the Finnish design classics - WARM 24cl tea cup, 60cl teapot, WARM tea Gift set and also large REUNA wooden serving tray in walnut.

More on Grey and Felt: https://www.facebook.com/Greyandfelthobart

More on the WARM tea & coffee range: http://shop.tonfisk-design.fi/products/brand/Warm

Tonfisk Design participating at the Finnish Design sales event Uuden Muotoilun Kevätmarket on 17.5.14

By Brian Keaney, 05/13/2014 - 16:24
Tonfik Design Finnish Nordic Design Murska Mortar and Pestle Uuden Muotoilu Yhdistyksen Kevätmarket

Tonfisk Design is participating at the Uuden Muotoilun Kevätmarket on 17.5.14. A sales event highlighting the best of Finnish and Nordic Design especially from the Turku area. The event is taking place LOGOMO in its Logi3 hall. Sales begin at 11am and continue until 5pm. Come and find lots of new Finnish and Nordic design.

For more information: https://www.facebook.com/events/657735114297168/?ref=51&source=1
The sales event is part of the Turku Design Festival http://www.turkudesignfestival.fi/

The companies participating include:
Ateljee Agami
Boardsport Turku
Dama Design
Everyday Design
Funky Homo sapiens
Johtoi Oy
Kauniste Finland
Kenkäpaja Pihka
Klo Design
KUI Design
Mary a. Jalava
Muotoiluhuone Tuokio
Napa ja Paja
Onnela Design
Papu Design
Petra Hankaniemi
Poola Kataryna
Punainen Norsu
Roots Cultural Movement
Saana ja Olli
Salmiak Studio
Second Chance
Susanna Nurminen
Tarja Ritari Design
taulu ja tapetti
Think Today
Tiina Talvikki
Tonfisk Design
Turun Tuulenpesä
Uhana Design
Uploud Audio
Verso Design

Bongaa GLS jakeluauto Suomessa ja voita Tonfisk Designin tuotteita!

By Brian Keaney, 04/30/2014 - 14:22

GLS on saaneet ensimmäisen jakeluauton Suomeen ja sen reitti kulkee Varsinäis-Suomeen ja Satakunnan alueella.

Ota bongaamastasi GLS jakeluautosta kuva ja liitä se Facebookin kilpailuu vastaukenttään. Kilpailuaika on 24.4.-8-6-2014. Osallistuneiden kesken arvomme 11.6.2014 NOKKA Öljy ja Etikka pullo Lahjasetti.

Lisäksi Facebookissa tykkäävien sekä kilpailun jakaneiden kesken GLS arvoavat Tonfisk Design NEWTON Kermakko ja Sokerikko setin

GLS Finland in Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/GLS.fi?fref=ts