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Tonfisk Design launching new Night Light Lamp at Turku Design Now Christmas Sales

By Brian Keaney, 11/03/2016 - 16:44
Tonfisk Design bedside table lamp

Tonfisk Design has restarted its own production and one of its first new products to is a bedside table lamp. Made from hand cast procelain the lamp emits a warm glow with the light shining through the porcelain. The lamp is being launch in one size with an option of an oak or walnut foot. The lamp uses E14 bulbs. The lamp will be launched at the Turku Design Now christmas sales. However one thing is still missing, a name. For this reason we have opened a competition on the Turku Design Now facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/TurkuDesignNow/) . Suggest a name and win a lamp. The winner will be announced at the Turku Design Now christmas sales (9.-11.12 and 17.-18.12)

Tonfisk Designin Brian on suunnitellut uuden upean yöpöytävalaisimen, joka on nyt enään nimeä vailla.Ehdota nimeä kommentoimalla kuvan alle Turku Design Nowin facebook sivulla (https://www.facebook.com/TurkuDesignNow/) . Valaisin on käsintehty posliinista Turussa. Tonfisk Design on uudelleen aloittanut oma tuotanto and tämän valaisin on ensimmäinen uusi tulokas. Valaisimen nimi tullaan julkaisemaan Turku Design Now! joulumyyjäisissä 9-11.12 sekä 17-18.12.