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The Company

Who invented and designed these products?
The main designer is Brian Keaney however the company has taken products into production from several different Finnish designers. Some products have been developed with the designers as part of their studies.

Where is Tonfisk from?
Tonfisk is from Finland, the land of a 188,000 lakes, of Kimi Räikkönen, Nokia mobiles and biggest of all, Santa Claus. We ourselves are based in the capital Turku. If you aren't familiar with Finland you can get some indispensible facts from our "Finland facts" page.

Are these Finnish Design products?
The products are designed and created in our workshop and offices in Turku, Finland. All products are design by Finnish and Scandinavaian designers. Since summer 2012 production is done in China in a small factory owned by Mr.Lu.

On your packaging it says "SUOMI FINLAND". What does SUOMI mean?
Suomi means Finland in Finnish

In which countries do you sell your products?
You can find our products in almost 30 countries. All the shops, distributors and agents are listed in our Distributors section.

Is it possible to have these products in other colors
The colour of our collection is white and black at the moment.

If I want to collect this WARM series, will you produce it e.g. 20 years from now?
Tonfisk plans to become an established high class brand over the coming decades. However in the modern world nothing is any longer possible to guarantee for so long. However we give our pledge to try to serve any customers who may contact us many years in the future.

Is your packaging safe for transport?
We use durable packing material and reliable transport agents. All the products are packed well using 3pack system™. With this system, each piece is protected by 3 layers of packaging boxes and ensures a safe delivery anywhere in the world.

Are you environmentally friendly?
Yes. We use whenever possible recycled material in our packing. We are also careful to dispose of any harmful waste to registered waste collection centers.

What transport companies do you use?
We use trusted international cargo companies such as UPS, DPD or DHL depending on your location. It is of course not a problem to use a cargo company of your own choice. We guarantee safe transportation of the products to our customers anywhere in the world.

What are your terms of shipping?
Our terms for transport is EXW (ExWorks)


Can I use a dishwasher?
You can wash our products in the dish washer. All our products are tested and certified for safety and have a food safe and durable glaze.

You can also clean the wooden parts, with a wet cloth and afterwards you should dry the parts in room temperature with good circulation. The wooden parts are waterproof in normal use, i.e. the wood en parts are covered by a protecting layer of a natural wax containing no harmful preservatives.

Avoid leaving the wood parts in water and getting soaked. If this should happen, remove the handles from water and leave them to dry on a table for a day or two. The handles should return to their original shape.

The wooden parts: do they crack over time?
The wooden parts do not crack. You can squeeze them, there will be no fractures. However, do not use a hammer and test if they are crack-proof!

The wooden parts: which woods are they?
The dark wood is walnut, the light wood is oak.

The ceramic material used in our products is vitreous porcelain. This material is of high quality, hard and long-living. Products are fired to 1 250°C, which guarantees the long life of these

Can I get a replacement if the wood-parts break?
If the wooden part is broken, we will replace it. Also it is possible to buy further replacements later if they happen to get damaged.

How hot will the surface be if there is very hot tea in the pot? Can I hold the cup?
You can hold the cup and teapots. The wooden part does become warm but not hot. It will help to keep the contents warm also.

If the air temperature / humidity changes, can it affect the size of the cork?
If you use your teapots regularly, the cork will shape itself to suit the teapot. However, if you don't use your teapots for a long time, the cork may shrink
a bit. But when you use it again, it will return to its previous size

Will the cork last?
The corks are durable. We have used our corks for three years now without problems. Cork however is a natural material so we cannot give any guarantee
on the length of its life.

Where does the cork originate from?
All the corks come from Portugal.

How many cups does the teapots fill?
The small pot fills roughly 2-3 cups while the large teapot can fill roughly 6 cups.

Oma: Do the "pips" of the lemon stay in the squeezer?
As the spout is not at the base of the squeezer the larger pips do not flow out of the spout but settle at the bottom.

Newton: Will the sugar bowl fall when pouring the milk?
No. Newton has been designed to ensure that the
sugar bowl can not fall out during pouring.

What color white are your products?
Tonfisk has upgraded its production in Summer 2012.

From Suumer 2012 onwards our ceramicis a white and a black glaze version is also available.

For pieces produced from 1998-summer2012 the color was ‘natural’ white or cream white. It matches very well with products from Arabia / Iittala. Our ‘Black’ color was very very dark brown which gives it a good warm feeling. This old production will still be sold as long as stock is available.