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Facts about Finland

Facts about Finland - fun to know absolutely useless trivia about Finland and the Finns.

Here we collect some facts on Finland. If you are wondering how many lakes are in Finland, or how many Baltic Herrings were catch by the Finnish fishermen to feed the children in the Finnish schools, look no further. Impress your friends with this precise and yet absolutely useless knowledge.

Geography - Finland is 1.250 km long!
You have heard about Finland as the land of the thousand lakes, but did you know there are actually over 188.000 lakes with 98.000 islands? If you are planning a trip to Helsinki, don't come on one of the 121 rainy days.

Total area 338.145 km2
Land area 304.473 km2
Lake area 33.672 km2
Max lenght (Hanko - Utsjoki) 1.250 km
Max width (Närpes - Virmajärvi) 542 km
South (Bogskär, Kökar) 59° 30´10´´
North (Nuorgam, Utsjoki) 70° 5´30´´
West (Märket, Eckerö) 19° 8´10´´
East (Virmajärvi, Ilomantsi) 31° 35´20´´
Circumference 3.940 km
Highest point (Halti, Enontekiö) 1.238 m
Lakes 188.000
Largest lake (Saimaa) 1.377 km2
Islands in the sea 81.000
Islands in the lakes 98.000
Rivers and creeks 647
Mean temperature 5,9°C
Humidity % 77 %
Rainy days per year 121 days
Rain per year 709 mm
The Finnish people - more women than men
We are not that many, and a lot of us live in Helsinki. There are 119.701 more women than men, 6.832 Finns are in prison and 2.790 would still fit in, so do behave!

Population 5.194.901
Women 2.657.301
Men 2.537.600
Inhabitants in Helsinki 559.718
Finns /km2 17,1
Finns in prison 6.832
Murders in Finland / year ~155
Booze drank by Finns / year 27.551.000 l
Beer drank by Finns / year 404.193.000 l
The languages in Finland
Finland is bilingual by constitution, though practically Finnish is the main language. Swedish is spoken in coastal areas and Sámi in the northern Lapland. Finnish is a Finno-Ugric language.

Finnish speakers 92,27 %
Swedish speakers 5,60 %
Sámi speakers 0,03 %
Other speakers 2,1 %
Communication and traffic
Helsinki is the only city in Finland with a tram network and a metro. There are 73 km tram tracks in Helsinki, 109 trams in traffic and the most northern tram stop is Käpylä (tram no. 1).

Tram track 73 km
Trams in traffic 109
Metro 21 km
Railroad 5.850 km
People with drivers licence 3.207.689
Cars to drive on Finnish roads 2.160.603
Internet / 1000 Finns 182
Patents approved 2001 2.660
Patents valid 2001 19.949
Mobile phones owned by Finns 4.175.587
Income and unemployment
According to statistics Finnish women earn 1.000 € less than men per month.

Monthly salary Women 2.124 €
Monthly salary Men 3.175 €
Monthly salary average 2.539 €
Unemployment rate 9,1 %
Livestock in Finland - very furry
There are quite a lot of reindeer in Finland, but they are all in Lapland. We have other animals down south. Who counted all the chicken? What a job!

Fur animals 3.360.502
Cows 1.037.407
Pigs 1.260.801
Chicken 1.043.003
Reindeer 186.000
Horses 58.600
Sheep 96.000
Hunting and Fishing in Finland
Not all Finnish animals are domestic, and certainly not the moose. These are wild animals we like to kill. The Baltic Herring is the most catch fish in our waters. It is delicious in all forms except as "Tomato Baltic Herring" (Tomaatti Silakka / Tomat Strömming) which is a common torture method in Finnish schools.

Moose & other artiodactylus 49.736
Squirrels 3.620
Rabbits 459.360
Beaver 2.051
Fox 56.380
Willow Grouse 90.680
Baltic Herring (kg) 81.916.000
Perch (kg) 1.062.000
Tuna (kg) -
Roach (kg) 1.175.000

This indispensable knowledge was extracted from: Statistical Yearbook of Finland 2002, Statistics Finland. Thank you! We appreciate your hard work.